Is there any step by step guide that I could follow?

Keybindings Instructions

What is the supporter version of PlayCover?

When will the next version of Playcover be released?

Do I have to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection) and is it safe to?

How can I change Genshin settings?

How do I add mouse left or right clicks?

Camera movement is not working in games?

I have followed all steps correctly as shown in the video but my keybindings still don't work?

PlayCover is not working even though I did all the steps correctly (even troubleshoot says that my system is correct)?

Do I have to reinstall Genshin Impact every PlayCover release?

How do I reset the "sudo nvram boot-args..." command?

Why do I see random text when I restart or switch my Mac on?

I can’t disable SIP or add boot-args because of a *blank password*?

I am getting "This application is not supported on this Mac" error?

I am getting "You do not have permission" error?

My keybindings are acting all weird in Genshin Impact and restarting the app and Mac didn't help either?