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  • Game controller key mapping for games that don’t support gamepads (NOTICE: Genshin Impact's native controller support is not working for now)
  • Fixed bug of mouse reset on Burst (Ultimate) in Genshin Impact
  • Fixed bug of mouse reset on Burst (Ultimate) in Genshin Impact
  • Smoother mouse movement
  • Fixed improper scaling in Windowed mode (edited)
  • App launcher now allows you run apps directly from PlayCover
  • With 'Update PlayTools' context-menu option you can install new versions of in-game controls without reinstalling the whole app
  • If something goes wrong, you can erase PlayTools settings with 'Reset PlayTools settings' option instead of whole app cache clear
  • 'Downloads' tab of sidebar contains links for latest decrypted app versions (I will extended this list and make this dynamic next update)
  • Fixed error with iCloud / Dropbox documents syncing folders
  • Now sidebar has fixed min width and also app has new minimum size
  • Improved downloads UI, so it will provide download link based on your region
  • Improved Settings Ui, so now you can copy the command
  • Multi-lang Support
  • Fixed crash on startup for some users
  • Now Alt/Option button also hides/shows menu bar, so you can easily access settings of Window control buttons
  • PlayCover shows a notification when finished installing an app
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  • Keymapping elements will resize on window size change
  • Special indicator will be shown on entering and leaving editor mode
  • All parent UIViews scale properly (web announcements inside Genshin Impact are fixed, some games as such as Genshin Impact currently require restarting for proper scale after window change)
  • Fixed MenuBar that covered game window in Windowed mode
  • Resolved problem of not saving key mappings for some users
  • Fixed crash on entering party menu in Genshin Impact for some users
  • Improved graphics in 3x times
  • Total average memory usage by games decreased by x2 times
  • Fixed problem when camera movement vanished after cutscene
  • Camera now properly appears after mapping without additional manipulations
  • Now PlayCover contains automated crashes report system, which works not only inside app, but also every game converted with PlayCover
  • Started migrate games settings to PlayCover for syncing and easily management
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  • This release contains the most common bug fixes of 0.6.0
  • NSInvocation Dynamic error on launch solved
  • Resolved problem when dock and menu bars sometimes are not hidden in Fullscreen mode
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  • 'Fix login' option is now available for everyone. Follow video instruction to use it. Also you can find text version here. If you have any problems, please, click on 'Troubleshoot' button. Be aware that all this you perform at your own responsibility, I am providing help with this method only for Supporters.
  • App decryption was significantly improved since last release
  • Keymapping elements are now saved properly. No more random vanishing.
  • Now dock and menu dock are hidden during Gaming mode. Press Alt or Option to switch between modes.
  • Fixed bug with mouse stuck after cutscenes in game
  • Alternative decryption method is now available for everyone
  • LMB / RMB / MMB bind (use Shift + R , L, M to bind)
  • Auto screen resize. Now screen will be resized automatically in such games as Wildrift, Among Us e.t.c. No more broken resolution
  • However if you would like to set custom resolution, you can use Shift + Arrows to move screen, or Shift + '+' / '-' to change screen width. Or Control + Shift + '+' / '-' to change screen height
  • External mouse users be aware, that right now you should unplug the mouse after each setup. I'll make feature to select Trackpad/ Mouse optionally in future
  • Intel user notice
  • Now to show or hide cursor, you will just need to press 'Alt' button. No need to hold anymore
  • Various UI bugs were fixed
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  • For those apps which currently crashes there is a new checkbox. Now you can export such apps for Sideloadly and then install on Mac
  • iOS support. With PlayCover, you can also play any game with Mouse & Keyboard support. Just enable them in Assistive Touch menu. Fullscreen is ofc disabled
  • System specific bug fixes
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  • In this release you still can't decrypt some apps, but this system was massively improved
  • If you have decryption error, please download .ipa from AppDb
  • Better error handling for decryption
  • New decryption method
  • New patch method
  • Now app will clear cache on crash
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  • Now you are able to use .ipa from iMazing or M1 Checker
  • Keymapping fix
  • Dynamic screen support
  • Fixed file open crashes
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  • Fixed endless loading bug on discard File Open dialog
  • Improved log system (real time)
  • Optionally Fullscreen
  • Fixed bug when opened .ipa file will be deleted
  • Now app will be save in Documents/PlayCover folder
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  • Now you can import decrypted .ipa directly
  • Fixed "System Error 4"
  • Fixed bug with copying system files to zip
  • Fixed bug with "Minimum required OS version is 13.0"
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  • This release just to publish source code
  • Fixed "App cannot be opened" error
  • Now the app is able to open any decrypted .app file ( you can find them by downloading .ipa from AppDb, renaming .ipa to .zip and extracting it)
  • Fullscreen and game controller currently not functional
  • Fixed icon size
  • Added debug log
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